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Testimonials from the United Kingdom and United States of America

Susan has been assisting my mare, Bey Breeze Sophia, and myself, at Five Star Equestrian Center. Susan has been the best instruction I have ever received, helping me only one day a week, with incredible results.

Susan has a quiet, professional manner, who always takes the horse into consideration, allowing horse and rider to excel.

Katie S. (Alamagordo, New Mexico)


Susan's main goal is to ensure a successful relationship between horse and rider. To this end, Sue has proven to be extremely knowledgable in regard to how to get the best from the horse with the mimimum of fuss. She is an excellent instructor who is always very happy to answer any questions and who will gladly go over any issues the rider/owner may have regarding to his/her horse. She regards each horse as an individual and is very sympathetic to their needs.

Sue is also very easy to talk to and she goes out of her way to identify and address and problems/questions that may arise.

Her knowledge is evident from her qualifications, but not all horsemen/women have the ability to actually "teach". Sue is one of those very few people and it is without any doubt that I feel I can recommend Sue to anyone who is looking to enrich their relationship with their horse.

Catherine M. (Peyton, Colorado)

I have known Susan Boucher (Borders) for 2 years and throughout that time, my dealings with Susan have always been maintained on a very professional basis. Susan has been an excellent instructor, showing patience and dedication at all times, whilst still ensuring the end goal is met. Susan also has the rare ability from her extensive experience to employ a variety of methods to acheive the same goal. In addition, her attention to detail and the most courteous manner make her a valued instructor.

To my knowledge there is absolutely no reason to doubt her honesty and integrity and, in summary, I feel that Susan Boucher (Borders) has the qualities to excel in many spheres and not just within the realms of equestrianism.

Melanie Rowland (Newbury, Berkshire)


Susan has a high degree of knowledge and competence in horse care, management and riding instruction. Her horse skills are second to none and she is a capable, patient and encouraging teacher.

Sr. Bradbury B.A. (Hons) Cert. in Ed (Blunsdon, Wiltshire)


Susan is trustworthy and dependable and her riding ability and knowledge of horses are founded upon a lifetime of experience. Susan is an excellent teacher who shows patience and understanding.

Betsy T. (Malmesbury, Wiltshire)

Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to section 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statutes.

I first met Sue when we trailered my daughter’s horse over for one of her schooling shows. It was such a positive, fun experience for my daughter that before long we began trailering over regularly for lessons, eventually becoming borders. In our time at HCEC both my daughter and I have learned a tremendous amount about both riding and horsemanship. My daughter has gone from being a timid to a confident rider. She has full confidence that her trainer will not push her to do anything beyond her current capabilities. As a result she has steadily become a more capable rider. She has ridden with Bill, Sue and Kerri and enjoys them all. When we first moved our horses to HCEC Sue introduced me to groundwork. This was completely new to me and I still have much to learn. The skills I have learned though have made my horses safer to be around, more respectful and more obedient. During their time at HCEC our horses have all received consistently great care. The facility is very well maintained and each of the three horses we have had there have thrived due to the high quality nutrition provided every day.Above all, what I appreciate most is Sue’s commitment to providing varying opportunities for children to experience the horses. My daughter has enjoyed two summers of horse camp, numerous volunteer days and Pony Clubs, in addition to kid-friendly schooling shows. She always looks forward to spending a day with “Miss Sue”.

I highly recommend HCEC to anyone looking for outstanding instruction and care for their horse. Heather M.

It is without hesitation that I recommend Susan in whatever field she aspires to. I have known her for over four years in the capacity as her lecturer at Swindon College, where as a student she showed herself to be intelligent, diligent, likable and helpful to those around her.

It has also been my good fortune to have Susan in my employment on a part time basis for a number of months. I have found her work examplary and her approach to be efficient and productive.

Personally, I find her to be thoughtful and knowledgable, particularly in the field of equine studies which she shows a great passion for. Susan has a caring, compassionate nature combined with down-to-earth common sense and straightforwardness of character.

Darren Tilley, Osteopathic Practitioner, DO, MCO, MAO (Swindon, Wiltshire)