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Our commitment to you:  We provide diligent equine care and management by dedicated on-site staff with over 60 years of horse ownership and barn/equine facility management experience. We want you to be happy while boarding at Hidden Creek Equestrian Center; please bring any problems, concerns or other issues to our attention as soon as possible so they can be addressed in a timely manner.


Board Includes Hay, Grain, Feeding, Watering, Cleaning and Pasture Turn Out 


Boarding rates are per month, for average size horse (up to 1000lbs)

Add $30/month for heavy/draft/warmblood/hard keeper (for additional hay)


Private Pens:                                                                            

12' x 12' shelter w/ attached 12' x 26' run     $340 

12' x 12' shelter w/ attached 12' x 36' run     $350

12' x 12' shelter w/ attached 16' x 32' run    $365

16' x 16' shelter w/ attached 16' x 36' run     $365

12' x 12' shelter w/ attached 16' x 36' run     $365

12' x 12' shelter w/ attached 22' x 26' pen    $365 

12' x 12' shelter w/ attached 36' x 38' pen    $380

Contact us for current pen availability  


Heated Water - October/November through April $30/mo/horse (mandatory)


Board Includes -

Hay - Premium quality Certified grass hay  3 x daily (average 20 lbs/day)

Grain 2 x daily -

SafeChoice Performance - up to 4lbs daily (recommended for horses in regular work/training programme)  OR

SafeChoice Original - up to 4lbs daily (recommended for horses in light work or maintenance) OR

Purina Impact Professional Senior - up to 4lbs daily (recommended for senior horses)

Purina Impact Hay Stretcher - up to 4lbs daily (recommended for horses at rest, retired, with dental issues or lacking appetite for hay) 

Daily pen cleaning

Daily watering

Supplements 1 - 2 x daily (owner provides) - Smartpaks or owner prepared individual rations

Use of all facilities - see below

Shared pasture turn-out 4-5 x week, a.m. or p.m. 

Courtesy winter blanketing when severe conditions dictate

Evening check

Secure, locked tack storage; 1 - 2 saddle racks and 1 - 2 bridle racks per boarder, as available

Trailer parking


Additional Services, prices are per month unless stated otherwise

Bedding: $60 for first month, $40/mo thereafter (12 x 12 stall)

Individual Turn-Out: $60/mo (4-5 x week, a.m. or p.m.)

Daily Blanketing/Fly Sheets: $30/mo

Courtesy Winter Blanketing: Effective when temperatures are consistently in or below the low to mid 20's, or when severe weather dictates. $35/mo additional charge will apply if owner requires blanketing every night during the winter, or under blankets, neck covers, shoulder guards, multiple blankets, etc.

Night checks: $30 per occurrence (between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m.)

Handle horse for vet/farrier: $15 per occurrence

Furnish payment for equine professional in owner's absence: Amount due plus $25

Prepare/Administer Medications: once daily: $35/mo, twice daily - $50/mo

Wound care/bandaging/hand walking: Individually quoted depending on circumstance

Exercise Lunging: $20 per session, or monthly package $100 for 6 sessions


Board, Training and Lesson packages are available, please contact us for rates.


Vaccinations: We require that all boarded horses are vaccinated as per Colorado State Veterinarian guidelines.  We arrange a bi-annual vaccination clinic with our Veterinarian which offers discounted prices on vaccinations/veterinary services during Clinic.

De-worming: As recommended by your Veterinarian

Sand Clear: Owner must provide individual, clearly labelled, rations of sand clear for their horse at least every 3 months,



Prospective boarders must supply proof and copies of negative Coggins, and a Brand Inspection which shows that they are the legal owner of the horse that they intend to board at Hidden Creek.

Security/damage Deposit: A $150 security deposit will reserve your pen/stall at Hidden Creek, and will be refunded to owner on completion of contract less costs for any damages caused by horse and/or owner.

Barn Rules:  Please familiarize yourself with our Barn Rules which are posted on the website and available in the office.  Note: We are a small, private facility and we do not permit outside trainers, instructors, volunteers, un-insured and inexperienced persons to teach or train on our facility without permission from the management, proof of liability insurance and payment of facility use fees.



220' x 100' sand arena, fully fenced

220 x 120' sand arena, fully fenced

66' sand round pen 

4 large, well fenced turn-out pastures, 3 with shelters

Schooling jumps

Regulation 20m x 40m/60m Dressage Arena during summer months

Trail Obstacles

Easily accessible parking and free trailer parking

Porta-potty on site

Free Wi-Fi


Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to section 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statutes.