Dressage Schooling Shows

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UPDATED 2018 Show Dates  

June 23 - Judge: Sharron Sarchet 'L'

July 21 - Judge: Michelle Anderson 'L'

August 18 - Judge: Sharron Sarchet 'L'

September 15 - Judge: Michelle Anderson 'L'


SHOW MANAGEMENT:  Hidden Creek Equestrian Center, LLC



Susan Borders, 6760 Falcon Grassy Hts, Peyton, CO 80831.   Tel (719) 740-1099

Email ‘susan.e.borders@gmail.com’



OPEN: 3 weeks prior to show date        CLOSE: 1 week prior to show date


DIVISIONS: Open, Adult Amateur, Junior/Young Rider




1.  Dressage Suitability      2.  Dressage Seat Equitation    

3.  Intro A     4.  Intro B     5.  Intro C    6.  Training 1     7.  Training 2     8.  Training 3   

9.  First 1     10.  First 2    11.  First 3    12.  Second 1    13.  Second 2    14.  Second 3   

15. Third TOC     16.  Fourth TOC     17.  FEI TOC



18.  Dressage Suitability      19.  Dressage Seat Equitation    

20. Intro TOC     21.  Basic TOC      22.  Level One TOC      23.  Level Two TOC   



24.  NAWD TOC                 25.  NAWD TOC



26.  Eventing TOC              27.  Eventing TOC             



28.  Introductory W/T (email for test!)       29. Training Level W/T/C (email for test!)


30.  Lead Line


SHOW ARENA: 220' x 100'.  Sand.  Fully fenced.  Regulation'The Blok' dressage arena. 

Intro, T1, T2, Eventing, Western Intro, Basic tests may be in 20 x 40 arena.  All other tests 20 x 60 arena.


WARM UP ARENA: 220' x 120'.  Sand.   Fully fenced.

ROUND PEN:   Sand.  66' diameter. 

LUNGING: Permitted ONLY in round pen.  No loose horses in round pen; use lunge line. 


ENTRIES:  WE NO LONGER REQUIRE THE RMDS ENTRY FORMS! Please email/mail your entries stating clearly your name, address, division, 'phone number, and email address.  Also include your horses name, and the classes/tests you wish to enter.  If you enter by email you must mail your payment postmarked by the closing date.

Entry fees - Standard tests (including Prix Caprilli) $25, Dressage Suitablity and Dressage Seat Equitation $15 per class.  $25 office fee per horse/rider combination.  Leadline $5 (no office fee).  Late/change fee: $25 per change. Returned cheque fee $50.  Cheques payable to Hidden Creek Equestrian Center, or HCEC, and mail to Secretary.  Management reserves the right to combine, split and cancel classes; cancel, substitute or add judges as entries warrant, and refuse any entry.  Please contact us for the Prix Caprilli tests we offer as there are no standardised Prix Caprilli tests available.  Ride times available 3 days prior to show date.   

REFUNDS: In all cases, office fee is non-refundable. Up to closing date, all entry fees refunded except office fee.  After closing date, class fees will only be refunded if ride/s can be filled from wait list.  During competition, no entry fees refunded for any reason. 


AWARDS:  Ribbons to 6th place.   Hidden Creek Show Series High Point and Reserve Awards (same horse/rider combination must participate in at least 3 of the 4 shows to be eligible for series awards and must be present on showgrounds to receive prize).   RMDS Members: scores may count towards your Chapter awards.   WDACO Hi-Point Programme Qualified.  NAWD Live Trax Recognised.


LOCATION: Hidden Creek Equestrian Center, LLC. 6760 Falcon Grassy Heights, Peyton, CO 80831. 


PARKING:  Easily accessible level parking area. Parking arrangements will be emailed with ride times


WATER: For horses, available in tank by gateway to parking area.  For people, available at show office.



Please clean up around your trailer and use trash cans for garbage.

Horses must wear bridle tags at all times when on show grounds.

Certified helmets required when mounted (except Western).

Schooling attire, half chaps acceptable. 

Please use safe and courteous arena etiquette at all times.


Porta-potty on-site             ABSOLUTELY NO DOGS!                Absolutely NO Smoking 



Under Colorado Law, an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in activities resulting from the inherent risks of equine activities, pursuant to section 13-21-119, Colorado Revised Statutes.